Visual Resume

Visual representations of your key highlights to make your resume easy to scan.
Visuals and pictures to enhance the authenticity of your resume.
Unique clutter breaking look and to feel of your resume.
Revamp of textual information (all benefits of regular text resume included)
Grab the attention of recruiters by highlighting your achievements and career progression through the use of an impactful and appealing Visual Resume. Perfect for candidates with profiles in Media, Entertainment and Sports.

As we’ve discussed earlier, recruiting managers spend very little time to have a glance at your resume. So, to stand out of the pack, your resume has to be unique and highly attractive at the same time. But how would you impress a prospective employer to have a second look at your resume? Well, visual resume is the answer to it. It lets you represent your skills and achievements in an effective manner while making it unique. Though visual resumes are highly useful for media field candidates and designers, anyone can reap its benefits. Here’re some essential things to understand about visual resumes before you start investing time on creating one. There’re two types of visual resume format styles available namely,

Visual documentation presentations that include infographic and presentations.
Video presentations that include audio, video, PowerPoint slideshow or combination of all.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to create an impressive visual resume:

Pull out your standard resume.
Highlight the key points in the resume that you wish a prospective employer to see.
Script it and develop a storyboard of the resume. Remember, the more you’d make it attractive, the more chances it’ll have to be seen by an employer.
If you find out any opportunity to use visuals, graphs or inforgraphics, use it.
Once you’re done with the storyboard, insert relevant pictures that would make it easy-on-the-eyes.
Finally, carefully arrange the resume slide by slide.
Unlike traditional resumes, visual resumes help you to provide a prospective employer with more information about you in an attractive and crispier way. A visual resume full of relevant images, audio files, web links and video footages appears more appealing than even an interactive video, which in turn would encourage prospective employers to have a second look at it.


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